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Editorial Board

Octavia-Luciana Madge
Department of Information and Documentation Sciences, Faculty of Letters, University of Bucharest, Romania.
E-mail: or

Adina Berciu-Drăghicescu
University of Bucharest, Romania

Albert K. Boekhorst
Universiteit van Amsterdam, The Netherlands, University of Pretoria , South Africa

Johannes Britz
University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, USA

Ionel Enache
University of Bucharest, Romania

Joacim Hansson
University of Växjö, Sweden

Jacques Hellemans
Université Libre de Bruxelles, Belgium

Bo Jarneving
University of Borås, Sweden

Arja Mäntykangas
University of Borås, Sweden

Zenovia Niculescu
University of Bucharest, Romania

Mircea Regneală
University of Bucharest, Romania

Réjean Savard
Université de Montréal, Canada

Mary Stansbury
University of Denver, USA

Ion Stoica
University of Bucharest, Romania