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No. 9/2005 - 10/2006

(Mircea Regneală)

Education in Library and Information Science

Mircea Regneală - An Overview of Contemporary Librarianship Education

The author makes a survey on the evolution of the library education, beginning with the 19th century until today, pointing out the contemporary developments and their consequences on the library profession. The author pays a particular attention to the American library education, given the development of the new modern information technology and the ever growing number of digital publications.

Keywords: History of library education; American library education; Accreditation of the library schools

Researches in Library Science

Bo Jarneving - A Bibliometric Study of the Literature Related to Research on Public Libraries

A quantitative survey of the literature pertaining to the study of public libraries, covering the period of 1986-2005, was pursued applying bibliometric methods. The survey aimed at the arrival of descriptive data that would inform about the features and development of the field’s base literature. It was found that the monographic form of cited references was more common than cited references of the journal form, but over time, the tendency to cite articles published in journals increased on behalf of monographs. In addition, the intellectual import from other fields than Library and Information Science was approximated and found more than marginal.

On different levels of citation aggregations, frequency distributions and rank orders indicated a fragmented base literature. Cores of the more cited authors and journals were identified and illustrated by bibliometric mapping techniques. The exploration of a presumed shared intellectual focus on the earlier literature showed that approximately half of all papers were isolated in terms of not sharing references with any other paper, though a weak tendency of increased consensus was noted. Finally, though somewhat more than half of all citations were more than five years old, a tendency over time to cite more current literature was notable.

Keywords: Bibliographic Coupling, Citation Analysis, Co-citation Analysis, Intellectual Base, Public Libraries.

Elena Tîrziman - Scientific Research Activity of the Applied Informatics Team

The specialists in the field of Information Sciences of the Bucharest University have been and are still involved in numerous research projects at national and international levels through teams of the University or of research teams of other institutional structures.

As of November 2006 the research activity of the Applied Informatics Team has been carried out within the Research Centre for Digital Information - DIGINFO.

The following projects are presented:

- Prototype project for public services in informatized libraries. Project developed by a research team of the Bucharest University and the Polytechnic University of Bucharest in the framework of the National Program RELANSIN 2004-2006.

- Management system of the National Fund of Technical Regulations. Project developed by a research team of the Bucharest University and of CDCAS - Resource Centre for Building, Architecture, Urban and Territorial Planning, CDCAS, Bucharest, within the National Program AMTRANS, 2004-2006.

- Specialized information system for urban data bases. Project carried out by a research team of the Bucharest University in the framework of the National Program AMTRANS, 2003-2005.

- National Management System of digital resources in science and technology based on grid structures - SINRED a project in the framework of the Research of Excellence Program. The project is in progress since October 2005.

Keywords: Research Projects; Specialized Information System; Data bases.


Library Management and Marketing

Ionel Enache - The Price of Information in Library

Today, the price of information is one of the most discussed and controversial concepts in library marketing. Problems as the price of information, tax introduction or service payment are not at all simple, having more and more complex implications. They have caused even certain confusions in libraries, especially at the management level because these institutions’ authority doesn't know how to deal with this one and passes sometimes from one extreme to another, from free services to entirely paid services. This article tries to bring some clarifications, concluding that the solution would actually be in between, that is, payment for some services and free provision for others.

Keywords: Price, the Price of Information, Cost, Marketing Mix, Information, Services.

Octavia-Luciana Porumbeanu - On Change in Libraries in the Globalization Era

The article approaches the theme of libraries - organizations that passed through many transformations over the centuries - in the context of changes generated by globalization and continuous development of information and communication technologies and underlines the fact that in these conditions libraries must reform their management, adapt permanently the services and products they provide to their users in order to maintain and stenghten an important position on the information delivery and knowledge transfer market.

Keywords: Libraries, Change, Globalization, Knowledge Transfer

Andreea Bugheanu - Library’s Website: A Marketing Instrument in the Public District Libraries in Romania

This paper is an attempt to determine whether the Romanian public district libraries use their websites as marketing instruments. It is based on a study conducted during February-March 2006. The study consists of the analysis of a questionnaire that was completed by 20 of the 26 district libraries that owned a website at the time and offers information about the evolution of the number of libraries that developed their own website, the users they target, the services they promote online, their plans for developing the websites and the advantages they have for the library and its users.

Keywords: Library, Website, Marketing



Zenovia Niculescu - The Bibliographical Universe

The article is an essay on bibliography, about its power and value. The bibliography universe perceived from the informational perspective reveals the representation levels regarding: the bibliographical thesaurus; support of the bibliographical information; organisation and communication of the bibliographical information; the bibliography users.

From the perspective of the knowledge theory, the competency field of bibliography is situated at the level of the whole human knowledge, and its referential function is found in the efficient administration of the multi-dimensionality of information.

Keywords: Bibliography, Representation Levels, Informational Value.

Joacim Hansson - How Bibliographic Classification Mirrors Society - the Case of the Swedish SAB-System

The article reports on a study of the Swedish Classification system, the SAB-system and its ability to reveal certain social and ideological structures in Swedish society in the beginning of the 20th century. Methodology is based on critical hermeneutics and ideological analysis. Results show that the classification system shows significant correspondences between the structure of its disciplinary hierarchies and ideals in the surrounding society.

Keywords: Classification, Public Libraries, Hermeneutics, Ideology, Sweden

Cristina Popescu - Realities and Trends in the Evolution of the Romanian Library Bibliography

The informational explosion, especially the one from the last decades, represented an incontestable challenge for the diversification of the possibilities to structure and to find the information, regardless of the interest field. In this context, it is extremely useful the corroboration of the traditional biographies, including those regarding Romanian literature, stored on paper - no matter how well done, but that can’t keep up with the requirements of the current information and documentation - with the bibliographic databases.

From the succinct analysis of the old and new literary bibliographical phenomenon - mentioning the significant moments - it becomes obvious the dynamics of the “bibliography” concept, taking into account the variety of the informational store capacity and the diversity of the presentation form of the bibliographies.

Thus, the conclusion is clear, that in the present it became necessary the fast access to the online data banks of the Romanian critics, theoreticians and literary historians, in this electronic era, constituted in an impressive diversity of bibliographical resources which contain also information specific to their activities.

Keywords: Bibliography, Romanian Literature, Bibliographical Databases


Printing. Reading. Archives

Agnes Erich - The Implications of the Appearance of the Printing Activity in the Romanian Space

In the general context of the Cyrillic European print, the print from Wallachia is placed to leader place, reflecting a high cultural degree of development, a level and a tradition which is worth a special attention. A fact of culture, as the establishment of the typography, can't be studied apart from the society needs from that time. The appearance of Cyrillic print in Wallachia constituted a part of an European phenomenon, the reflect of it on the local plan and not at all an singular appearance, broken by the European culture.

Keywords: Printing, Prints, Printer, Printing House, Publishing House, Ornamental Art, Book’s Spread, Trasylvania, Moldavia, Wallachia.

Adina Berciu-Drăghicescu - The Romanian Schools and Churches in Balkan Peninsula. 1864-1948. Archives Documents

The present article on Romanian schools and churches, in the Balkan Peninsula, over the period 1918-1948 is based on the unprecedented documents identified in the funds preserved in the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and in the Central Historic National Archives in Bucharest. The author has studied and selected the unprecedented documents that had the most important significance for the purpose of presenting the evolution of the school and churche situation of the Romanian communities situated at the south of the Danube, starting from year 1864, when the first school was established in Tarnova, (Macedonia) and up to 1948 when the Romanian state abandoned the work unveiled by ruler Al. Ioan Cuza. The article presents this situation, very dramatic, of the Romanian communities from the Balkans based on the documents of Archives.

Keywords: Schools, Churches, Balkans, Romanian


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