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No. 13/2009

Contemporary Libraries

Elena Tîrziman -Libraries in the Contemporary Society –  challenges, mutations, perspectives in a digital context

In contemporary society libraries are actively involved in the process of acquisition, collections management, communication, preservation and archiving of information and of documentary resources. In order to fulfil their mission, libraries should find viable solutions and provide pertinent answers related to the new challenges of the electronic environment, by integrating new information and communication technologies. A series of obvious changes take place within the library as the major info-documentary structure, at the level of the processes of librarianship, of the services and products offered, finally at the level of library and information science practitioners, taking into account the users and their information needs. Currently, we are witnessing a real transformation of the libraries from analogue to hybrid, and libraries with important digital collections are becoming leading institutions managing information and knowledge that become developing activities in the new context of Information and Communication Technologies.

Libraries, Digital Library, Library Professions, Electronic Environment, Information and Communication


Zenovia Niculescu - Decimal Classification Editions

The study approaches the evolution of Dewey Decimal Classification editions from the perspective of updating the terminology, reallocating and expanding the main and auxilary structure of Dewey indexing language. The comparative analysis of DDC editions emphasizes the efficiency of Dewey scheme from the point of view of improving the informational offer, through basic index terms, revised and developed, as well as valuing the auxilary notations.

Dewey Decimal Classification; the Evolution of Dewey Decimal Classification Editions; a Comparative Analysis

Management and Marketing

Ionel Enache -
Marketing Research in the Infodocumentary Structures

The numerous problems of the infodocumentary structures demand the elaboration and implementation of surviving strategies. Through marketing strategy, the organizations try to know and understand their clients. The first step of the marketing strategy is to check up the clients, the competing structures and the environment factors in which they function.

Keywords: Marketing, Library Marketing, Marketing Strategies, Marketing Research

Octavia-Luciana Porumbeanu - Strategic Model for Implementing Knowledge Management in Libraries and Information Services

In most fields of activity one can notice the trend towards knowledge-based organizations and towards flexible organizations that encourage innovation and change. In this context, knowledge management has become a fundamental process for all types of organizations in society. Libraries and information services are integral part of the knowledge system, these organizations being one of the forms that contribute to knowledge development. This article presents a strategic model for implementing knowledge management in libraries and information services, created on the basis of the results from theoretical researches and practical applications of this process in organizations from different countries and different fields of activity and keeping in mind the specific characteristics of libraries and information services. The model is based on five fundamental elements from which one should begin implementation of a knowledge management function in the organizations engaged in information transfer.

Keywords: Knowledge Management, Libraries and Information Services, Strategic Model, Implementation of Knowledge Management

Bibliography.  Methodology of Bibliographic Research

Cristina Popescu - A Historical Approach of the Romanian Bibliography

The autonomy, imposed by the knowledge accumulated in time, progressively at the beginning, exponentially afterwards, in the infinite memory of mankind has challenged the need for systematizing the information. In the Romanian society the call for bibliographies has grown perpetually from the first manifestations through theory and standardizations, following the ever-increasing flow of documents and the degree of complexity and diversity of the interests in having a better understanding of man and society.

Keywords: History of Bibliography; Bibliography; Culture; Information; Library; Internet; Romania

Adriana Isvoran - Initiation of the students from the life sciences faculties into the informatics reference search methodology. Applied librarianship

This study presents a few useful modalities of reference searching for students taking into account their scientific maturity and with illustrative examples for the students involved in life sciences realms. Using a statistical analysis of the answers obtained for a questioner applied to 268 undergraduate, master degree and PhD students from our faculty, the necessity to create and maintain a strong connection between the university and the library is argued. It is benefic for both library, to develop a marketing oriented to the users, and students, to enlarge their scientific and cultural horizon.

Keywords: Reference Search Methodology, Scientific Databases, Students

History of Romanian Book

Agnes Erich, Niculina Vârgolici - Controversy regarding the printing of the first book in the Romanian space. The Liturgy Book (1508)

The publication of the first printed book in the Romanian space has generated numerous controversies, most of them because of neglecting the place of printing for the edited copies. They were circulating in time, by both printing centers outside the Romanian space, with tradition in this technique (Venice, Cetinje, Cracow) and by centers from the Romanian territory (Bistriţa Oltenian Bistrita, Snagov, Govora,  Targoviste). We believe that Macarie printed Liturgy Book in Wallachia could not find a better context than in Targoviste, the capital of Wallachia and the place where directives based on the reorganization of modern Romanian Orthodox Church had started. The printing of this Liturgy Book consists in the fact that it is the first time when this kind of cult book has been printed which was essential to perform church service, a proof that it had circulated throughout the South East European Space.

Keywords: Liturgy Book, Macarie, Târgovişte, Bistriţa, Snagov, Venice