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No. 12/2008

Libraries in the Change Age

Elena Tîrziman - The National Library of Romania. Goals and Perspectives in Valorising the

The National Library of Romania (NLR) ensures the creation, processing, preservation, management and valorisation of the national documentary patrimony. With its highly valuable collection, the NLR is part of the European cultural heritage, a real cultural wealth for future generations, and therefore it will endorse the role of coordinator of the digitization process at the level of the national system of libraries.
The National Library of Romania is involved in international projects aiming at the creation of digital content relevant for the European Culture: The European Library – TEL and ENRICH – European Networking Resources and Information concerning Cultural Heritage, projects coordinated by the National Library of the Czech Republic. The National Library of Romania has contributed to the projects Manuscriptorium / ENRICH by ancient Romanian books from the 16th-17th centuries.

The National Library of Romania, Digital Library, projects, TEL, Manuscriptorium, ENRICH

The continuous changes in higher education studies in Israel and the dissemination of information affect the informative media, the information use and the human knowledge. The library changes have a powerful influence on the way in which the library is informing the community, and the library specialists understand their role in the high studies performance and in the educational process. The core of the Hebrew University library activity is the information literacy but it doesn't exist a homogenous policy or training programs.

Information literacy, higher education, libraries

Gheorghe Buluţă, Crina Mihăilescu, Octavia-Luciana Porumbeanu -150 Years in the Service of the

A unique institution through its structure, organization, collections and age, the Central Library of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Bucharest stands out among the Romanian library organizations through the scope of its information activity dedicated to users in the medical world, but also through the co-operation actions with similar institutions. This paper presents some aspects concerning the evolution of this library and the changes implemented recently at the level of the services provided for users.

Keywords: the Central Library of the “Carol Davila” University of Medicine and Pharmacy – Bucharest, structure, collections, services, changes


Zenovia Niculescu - Melvil Dewey’s Personality

Melvil Dewey’s personality is related to the librarianship activity universally carried on. He is the founder of Dewey Decimal Classification (C.L.D.), the founder of librarianship education; a highly intellectual professor and a promoter of the permanent education in libraries. Melvil Dewey is a “genius full of energy”. (1)

Keywords: Melvil Dewey, biographical data, professional activity, founder of librarianship education

Marketing and Evaluation in Libraries. Reference Services.
The New Information and Communication Technologies

Ionel Enache, Simona Gheorghe - Library Marketing in the World

The article is a sequel to the previous one published in the previous issue of the Librarianship and Information Science magazine. A presentation of several experiences concerning the implementation of library marketing in Europe being already made, in what follows we will deal with other situations from different countries of the world. All these examples can be useful to the infodocumentary structures in Romania which marketing is a new domain, still discreet.

Keywords: marketing, library marketing, promotion

Octavia-Luciana Porumbeanu - References in the Digital Age: Marketing and Services in Virtual Worlds

The digital age has brought major changes at the level of the reference services offered by libraries. The emergence of competition, represented by numerous organizations that also provide information services, has necessitated the reorganization of reference services so that they function according to the market laws. In this context marketing has become an essential tool for libraries. They must develop strategies to make sure that users will continue to ask for their services. The number of those attracted to online information services is growing and many traditional users of libraries may be encountered at present in virtual environments where the possibilities for communication and interaction, for sharing information and generating knowledge are clearly better. Many libraries have already taken the step towards the virtual world and offer now assistance and information services in environments such as Second Life where there are possible both games and educational activities.

Keywords: reference services, marketing, virtual worlds, Second Life

Ionel Enache - Methods for the Evaluation of Working in the Library

Assessing performance is one of the main functions of the management process. The managers of libraries have adopted late the managerial tools and techniques (particularly the assessment tool) used on a large scale in other professions. Although there are no standard procedures for evaluating work in the library they have a variety of such methods. Unfortunately these methods are not known and therefore are not used. This article describes some of the most commonly used methods of assessing work, in general, but that can also be adopted by libraries.

Keywords: library management, job evaluation, assessment methods

Agnes Erich, Niculina Vârgolici - Promoting E-learning in the Academic Environment

The educational world changes rapidly. We can notice that the use of the Internet and of the Information and Communication Technology has become an important part of the learning and teaching strategies of many universities. Some are going to become global, virtual institutions; others are using the Internet, combining traditional methods of delivery with online teaching.

Keywords: e-learning; digital library; information resources; educational platform


Cristina Popescu -
Bibliography – An Imperative of the Informational Society

At present the most important factor  of the human society, the universal, omnipresent  instrument is the information. This is fact. The XXth century civilization based itself more than any previous ones on information, education, culture, science, that is on knowledge. And the fastest access to information is achieved by bibliography.

Keywords: libraries, bibliography, information, change, bibliographic data bases

Archive Documents

Adina Berciu-Drăghicescu - Romanians in Mount Athos between Religion and Dictate

After a brief introduction on administrative and religious organization of Mount Athos and the foundation of the Romanian hermitages Prodromu and Lacu, the paper demonstrates, based on archive documents, the presence of the Romanian element here since the 9th century. The emphasis falls on the life of Romanian monks in Athos since the second half of the 19th century till present. Their difficult situation, always placed between the religious life initiated and supported by the Romanian Patriarchate and the Romanian government and the Greek position represented by the antiRomanian actions of Great Lavra that control and manage from 1924 to the present day the two Romanian hermitages is highlighted.
Statements in this paper are based on documents that are in the funds of the National Archives and the Diplomatic Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Keywords: Romanians, Mount Athos, archive documents